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About Us

Founded in 2013 by select individuals that have a deliberative drive for success. Formed by the same dwellings of California’s various heritages. Not a drug detox but, Detox is a state of mind as much as it is a clothing brand.

The company’s style is a blend of inspiration from art, music, culture, and history. With influences from such a diversified community, Detox is about clearing your mind of each other’s differences and negative talk, opening your eyes to the unlimited opportunities, and keeping our people fresh to death (cleanse your style.)  

Initially, the company started out as a collection of simple tees, hats, and sweaters. As the brand expands, so will its supporters. Detox will continue to produce premium apparel for the community and develop new ingenious ideas. We are anxious to see what we can accomplish and we hope you follow us as we grow.

#Cleanse your style